R&D Tax Credits


Research & Development to help differentiate your products and services from your competitors

Most businesses recognise the benefits of carrying-out Research and Development (R&D) to help them differentiate their products and services from their competitors. Without R&D, UK technology would simply not move forward and we open the door to low-labour competition from the far-East or high-tech competition from the likes of the U.S., South Korea and Japan.

The UK government recognises this and they want to encourage UK businesses to participate in R&D by giving tax relief in the form of Research and Development Tax Credits (RDTC’s).

The challenge for many companies is that they are not always clear as what exactly constitutes to R&D. Usually it is not about ground-breaking discoveries by professional scientists in academia.

For the purpose of RDTC’s, an organisation must be working on a project that seeks to develop an advancement in science or technology and address scientific uncertainty. It is also necessary to be able to state what the intended advancement is, and to show how, through the resolution of scientific or technological uncertainty, how the project seeks to achieve this.

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