Sandra has over 20 years’ experience in scientific research, customer support and sales and in scientific facility management. Sandra holds a Masters and PhD in Chemistry from UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) and University of Warwick respectively and has subsequently been involved in nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biosciences, materials, electronics and analytical sciences. Sandra’s previous roles include client-facing commercial roles at Bruker UK Ltd and The University of Sheffield and research roles at a number of biotechs, including at Chroma Therapeutics, Celltech and Oxford GlycoSciences.She has a passion for language, is a borderline pedant for correct grammar and spelling and has an instinctive eye for detail and inconsistency. It is this combination of commercial experience and communication skills which uniquely qualifies her for start-to-finish bid preparation, gently guiding clients through the writing process by asking incisive questions and offering guidance in presenting the bid in the most effective way