The ADEPT Prototype Demonstrator

ADEPT is a power management and optimisation platform that was developed by Infinite Renewables in collaboration with GS Yuasa Batteries, Sheffield University and Swanbarton with the support of a £500k Innovate UK grant (and initiated by Keystone Innovation Ltd). The containerised platform integrates multi technology renewable generation, battery storage and smart metering to provide multi-control solutions:

• Creating a time-shifting process for advanced renewable energy storage and optimisation

• Time-Shifting Grid Power – importing cheap and efficient electricity in low-demand periods and storing the power to support peak-demand periods

• Offsetting TRIAD Costs – incorporating prediction tools to respond accordingly to Triad periods

• Managing Microgrid Systems – integrating DERs to intelligently manage a Microgrid system and supply residential, industrial or commercial developments with a combination of renewable, stored and grid power, resulting in lower electricity costs.

The programmable system and power management options within each containerised ADEPT platform will enable each individual community to benefit from an increase in renewable generation revenue and a reduction in on-site power costs.

Additional features of the ADEPT system:

•           Grid sharing and support

•           Elimination of grid fault contribution

•           Balancing of grid fault levels

•           Distribution of power to multiple consumers

 Highly innovative.

ADEPT is highly innovative and based on next generation inverter research at Sheffield University. The containerised power management platform offers a holistic solution integrating generation, storage and smart microgrid to deliver energy cost savings for the connected community.


The uniqueness and innovation of ADEPT is based on the combination of a multi-functional platform with a next-generation smart inverter technology capable of:

•           introducing virtual inertia for grid support

•           avoiding unnecessary disconnection under abnormal or faulty grid conditions

•           enabling real-time control of generation supply/demand

•           minimising communication among all DER utilising plug-and-play technology.

Wider benefits of using an ADEPT system?

•           The advanced control technologies developed in ADEPT will enhance the resilience of the energy farms and minimise the unnecessary disconnection of renewables.

• ADEPT will help contribute to the Renewable Energy Directive Legislation, meeting these targets by creating enabling technology that will extract greater efficiency and performance from renewable generation.

• The British Standards Institute (BSI) has many renewable energy technical committees working on developing standards in areas such as wave and tidal energy converters, wind turbines, solar power, solid and liquid biofuels, and criteria for sustainable biomass. ADEPT will help to meet relevant industry standards.

See YouTube clip for more information: