Horizon Europe is the world’s biggest ever R&D funding pot, with a budget worth €95.5 billion, and this runs until the end of 2027. The recent excellent news is that UK organisations (businesses, research organisations/institutes, academia) can apply with certainty for this budget knowing that if their grant applications are successful, they will receive the cash. This certainly follows the UK government’s agreement with the EU, to become a formal associate partner to Horizon Europe on 7th September 2023. All funding opportunities are covered by this association partnership.

It is the “Pillar 2” of the opportunity which presents many of the business funding opportunities, with €billions in R&D grant funding available for the following thematic topics:

  • health
  • culture, creativity and inclusive society
  • civil security for society
  • digital, industry and space
  • climate, energy and mobility
  • food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment

To learn more about Horizon Europe and details of how to access, please get in touch.