Keystone Innovation is a dynamic business consultancy. Our aim is simply to deliver a competitive edge to organisations that we engage with. We can do this in a number of ways, for example by accessing grant funding for research & development,  carrying-out technical and commercial feasibility studies, delivering business coaching and mentoring, working with management to reinvigorate commercial culture and drive-up revenues, creating growth strategies, helping to access greater market shares, and improving business efficiencies. We do this using our seasoned business professionals.

We work with organisations of all sizes and types, including Start-Ups, Small-to-Medium Sized Enterprise, Large/Global Businesses, Research & Technology Organisations, Academia, Government Agencies and Trade Associations.

We tailor our services to your your specific needs. We are confident we can make a real impact to your organisation, do contact us today to discuss your needs.

Business consultancy focused on delivering impact

Here are our main services


Most organisations would welcome the opportunity to develop new products and process that will enable them to create differentiation from their competitors.

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We will work with you to define your business growth objectives, and then create a tailored “tool-kit” approach.

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We work with the very best professionals that specialise in helping to maximise RDTC claims.

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We have worked extensively with Academia so we understand University culture, the drivers for scientific excellence and the challenges sometimes encountered.

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